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souffezgirl replied to your post: guys the song of achilles is so good a…

omg I’ve been wanting to read that! Post a review when you’re done?

I definitely will! I review all the books I read. Right now I can say that it’s just fantastic and I’d go for it if I were you. 

P.S. If you want to read more of my reviews, check out my goodreads (and here’s a link specifically to my reviews page). Happy reading!!


That is all you are: a facade

johnwartson replied to your post: guys the song of achilles is so good a…

oh my god… good luck i’ll be here for you


god bless the people who realize they’re blocking you off from the rest of a group and move to accommodate your presence


EW Comic-Con ‘14 Star Portrait | Paul Rudd, Ant-Man

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These, our bodies, possessed by light. x .

John: You don’t have a girlfriend then?
Sherlock: Girlfriend? No, not really my area.
John: Alright. Do you have a boyfriend?
John: Which is fine, by the way.
Sherlock: I know it’s fine.
John: So you got a boyfriend?
Sherlock: No.
John: Right, okay. You’re unattached, like me. Fine. Good.
John: Not that it’s BETTER that you’re unattached. It’s just… it’s good.
John: I mean, not GOOD. I don't WANT you to be single.
John: Gosh, your cheekbones are just… they’re just so PROMINENT, aren’t they? Gosh.
John: Not that I was LOOKING…
John: I’m straight. Is it hot in here?


I’d really like to have a conversation with Sherlock.